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Rose City Mothers of Multiples - Tyler, Texas

Since 1991, the Rose City Mothers of Multiples (RCMOMs) has been a means of support not only for mothers but for the whole family. We take pride in maintaining a support group for our "family". Our monthly meetings not only get you out of the house but offer discussions on pertinent issues that most MOMs will or have experienced, and opportunities to "vent". We also schedule social events for parents and children to keep the whole family in mind. We offer our shoulders and ears to help make this a treasured and joyful experience. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand and develop new and lasting friendships. We would be delighted to share in your experience of surviving and enjoying life with twins or more!

Twins or more are an enormous parenting challenge and joy. You'll want to have help with the challenges so you can have some time for the joy! Here is some advice for conquering the chaos:

1)You don't have to do it alone! Enlist help from relatives, friends, neighbors. Post an ad at local schools, child care centers, local colleges or community centers, social workers (if there are special circumstances). For those offering to help ask for specifics such as: doing shopping, running errands, cleaning house, bathing or feeding babies, helping with trips to the doctor or entertaining older siblings. This gives your help more control over what exactly they will be doing and eliminates the guessing and guilt for you.

2)Parent as partners; work together. Plan ahead for chore-sharing. Deciding who will do what as early as possible will make the early months easier. Keep communicating. If the chore list is still overwhelming, discuss it, amend it and equally eliminate the stresses. Relaxing together is as important as working together. Plan a regular time for you and your partner to be together without children. Be sure to make arrangements you can count on, and go out even if you feel too tired. Finding the right time may be a challenge. Weekends may not work out for you and your family. Babies tend to be fussier at night and even harder to leave. Try an afternoon matinee, lunch or even breakfast. Just remember the importance of being together, ALONE!

3)Now it's time to do something for yourself. Plan ahead, before you're overwhelmed. Find something you enjoy doing alone and awake! Use your public resources to answer questions you might encounter. Resources may include: local hospital Tel-Med Information Line, Child Care Resource and Referral, Public Health Services, La Leche League, Crisis Line, another multiple birth family, the public library, Rose City Mothers of Multiples.

Rose City Mothers of Multiples C/O Laura Garvey 11163 Marsh Wren Circle,  Flint, TX 75762